Family Law Attorney Advises Clients

If you are considering a divorce in Louisiana, one spouse must have been a resident of the state for at least a year and must file in the Parish where the couple last resided. Before filing the divorce petition, you must live apart from your spouse without reconciling at least 180 days if there are no minor children of the marriage. If you have children together who are still minors, you must have lived apart in different homes for a minimum of 365 days before filing for divorce. Parents of minor children may be required by the court to participate in a court-accepted program for divorcing parents to help the children to understand the parent’s decision to divorce and minimize the effects.

Because Louisiana is a community property state, the settlement can be complicated. It is in your best interest to meet with a professional New Orleans divorce lawyer to understand your rights and ensure a fair distribution of assets.  You have two options for filing, either a grounds-based divorce or a no-fault divorce. There are only two fault-based grounds for divorce in Louisiana. These are adultery and a felony conviction. If you prove the allegation of adultery, it can have an impact on the alimony awarded by the court. However, adultery must be proven by two witnesses through a trial.

Divorce is serious and can have lasting effects financially and emotionally.  You should entrust your future only to an experienced divorce lawyer who has the expertise to guide you each step of the way. Click here to get more information.